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06/21/14 05:20:20

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If anyone still comes here, my apologies for being gone so long. Just stopping by on the library comp. I hope to be stabilised soon.
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10/02/14 16:29:25

Thank you for the kind words, Kevin does appreciate those of you that have been able to stick it out.

I can't divulge much information but suffice to say this has been the absolute WORST year he has endured. He is back in his own home and trying hard to re-organise his life. I will let him fill you all in when he is ready and able. Until then, keep on modeling.

" You may as well like yourself...just look at all the time you have to spend with you" - Julius Kelp

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02/09/15 03:08:49

Just poked my head in to see if anything new...Prayers continue, Kevin!
I've been building slowly...definitely not as much as I'd like! Life keeps getting in the way!
Hope to see others around from time to time! :)

Tony, 1967 Beetle (Rusty), Nepean, Ontario, Canada
"Aus Liebe zum Automobil" "For the love of the car"
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