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04/12/13 15:24:14

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I love a good car chase movie, and although this soon to be midnight movie cult staple is most likely the second worse thing he's done as an actor (Ghost rider two being #1) it does have a couple of upsides. It has a great MOPAR, a '69 Charger in dark blue with Vectors in tribute to the General. Or maybe it was a case of "look how much better I wear them." We may never know...or give a crap! The other highlight for me, was the too cool for school William Fitchner as the Devil's accountant! There's an awesome scene, where the Accountant meets the owner of said Charger and asks him what engine is in the Charger.

Notice the look on his face at 3:07 - 3:09? Like 'why bother?' right? At any rate, the use of the Charger in two thirds of the movie and the Accountant make this a winner for me. I've even found that I can't watch the movie without popcorn and apple slices. The exact staple of every trip to the drive-in we made when I was a kid. This was during the grindhouse era that Tarantino harkens to all the time, the sixties and seventies. So that in itself makes it a fun movie. For me they might have toned down the gore a notch, and Nick Cage's performance must have been made on a terribly off month or they told him to overact because he and everyone else but Fitchner overacted thier asses off.
  Toward the end of the film we're also treated to a nice Chevelle and either a '55 Chev with a '57 hood, or a '57 with '55 trim. Not entirely sure which. Maybe one of you can help. What i'm really saying is, we all love a good "B" movie now and then and this one's the...beeziest? B-est? I'm going with "Beeziest". It's funnerer to say. So if you're into terrible movies with a suprisingly breakout character and enough car chases/ gun battles, perfectly spaced to keep your attention for the whole thing, this is a good view. I personally would like to see a few more of these with Fitchner as the accountant. Maybe give Willis or Vin Diesel a shot at playing the runner? Judging by Cop Out and Fast Five respectfully, niether one of them minds doing spoof movies.

  Once I get geared up and running I'm going to attempt a Drive Angry Charger from a 16th General Lee. Right now I got a shitload of molds to make!

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04/18/13 03:18:40

I like the movie for what it is: an entertaining no-brainer with girls, guns and cars. The overdone gore was pretty entertaining aswell. I love these Grinhouse type of movies and I hope there will be more in the future.
I have to admit that to me the Chevelle was the sexiest car in this movie and I have started a WIP some time ago. The Charger was too much of a Death Proof rip-off to me. It looked the same except for the missing rubber duck and the missing roll-cage. And the missing vent windows on the car´s doors looked odd. On the other hand, it´s a movie-car and sooner or later it will be added to my collection, too.

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04/18/13 11:12:27

I totally agree...girls, guns, gore and great cars.

Like I say, my only real problem is the hokey acting by Nick Cage. I'm betting my bottom dollar though, that they told him to ham it up, because he's done way better things. It goes on my faves list though, because of everything else about the movie. I seem to never word it right, but make no mistake I love a good B movie, and this one's in my top five.

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