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04/12/13 02:22:41

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This "Daytona Charger" resin kit is intended for use with the 1/16th MPC General Lee kit.
It's from Resin Motors Replica (Ron Andrews).
I sent him an email inquiring if this kit was still available, he answered promptly stating that it was and the cost was $25 plus shipping.

Anyway, resin being resin (and as you know) quality runs the gambit from junk to top notch items depending on the "masters" used and the skill of the person doing the casting.
For this evaluation I'll post pics (close ups) of what I received and let you decide if it's worth the cost to you.
An instruction sheet is included showing how to modify the front fenders of the MPC kit to fit the resin nose piece, how to modify the rear "tunnel" window of the GL kit to look more like a Daytona Charger) and make a chin spoiler. 


The kit contains 5 pieces: nose cone, 2 wing uprights, top of wing and the 2 front tire clearance humps.


I always do a "light" check on resin parts, this reveals any thin areas or pinholes just below the surface.....



Keep in mind what appears to be fractures in this next CLOSE UP (in the resin) is NOT......I think it may be that the mold is beginning to break down from use. A light sanding should be all it needs.


To be fair.....I'll post one last photo in this thread when I have removed the flash, assembled the wing, sanded, fit and shot primer on the parts.

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04/12/13 06:20:15

Here's a few pics of the parts with the flash removed, light sanding to remove the surface trash and a couple coats of hi-build primer.


I did re-scribe the the headlight covers so that they wouldn't get lost in the primer......


The most tedious part of cleaning up this kit is going to be the mounting flanges for the wing.


That's it boys.....if you want to see these parts finished and installed, go over to my Daytona Charger Pro Street thread.

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04/12/13 12:54:41

Thanks Grandpa.

It looks to me like a decent kit with a minimum of flash. I do agree that it's due for a new mold. Depending on the caster, we all have our "flash level" or that point where there's just too much flash and a new mold is needed. However, depending on the popularity of the item he may be stretching the mold's use as far as he can. I was told there were a couple new things in the works for the 1/16th Charger base, and I assume the nose pictured here will be a continuing part of thier catalog.
  The parts do look good when cleaned and painted. I always hated those "tire clearance" scoops. Not that they ugly up the car or anything, but on the real cars, they don't offer enough clearance width wise for a Volkswagon tire!

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06/15/13 02:30:29

Bonekrosha wrote:
I've got two sets of these so far. I'm gonna graft one to the Street Charger body for a what if Daytona.

I had that in mind for my "Dodge This" build as well pal.
There are a couple of flies in the ointment with it though.......the top of the fenders will need some massaging to match up with the resin nose piece and the fenders are longer (in front of the wheel well) than on the GL. Visually it really sticks that resin nose way too far out my mind, to have it look good, the front of the Charger would need to be cut back and the nose cap widened to fit.



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