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imageI am copying it here because I didn't think it was fair to ask him to write it all again since this thread was his suggestion.

Okay fellas...here's what I use to get that anodized aluminum look.......you can get it a Wally World for around 5 bucks a can............if you are working on small scale models it should last quite a while.
There's a trick to applying this stuff & if you bother to read the directions on the can........well, you know how that goes. More later.


The X-Metals paint (as near as I can figure) is intended to be used on metal and that involves prep, sealing and all sorts of chit I have no time for.
I tried spraying it over "chrome" paint etc. and the results are pretty much lack luster & disappointing. I haven't tried it over Alcad yet, but unless you seal the Alcad before applying the X-Metal paint I'm pretty sure you'll wander off and sulk in the corner.
So, an attempt to shorten up this song & dance......(I talk to myself on a regular basis) I took a chrome valve cover from a 1/6th Hemi engine and squirted some blue on it....WOW, it looked great.
Keep in mind it's goes on like translucent candy colors...the more you spray the darker it gets. You can go from a subtle tint to a really deep color quickly so be aware, unless you want to do a fade...spray evenly.
You will NOT get the effect you are after unless what you are squirting is chrome to start with!
Now that all that's settled, here's the fly in the ointment..........it must be clear coated.......no exceptions period! As with any translucent type paint it is very susceptible to scratches, wear etc.
The paint dries quicky......15- 20 minutes, I usually let it dry for about that long before applying a wet coat of Krylon crystal clear. I let the clear dry overnight before handling or assembling. It's all good and I'm a happy camper. Grab a scrap chrome tree and give it a try.....you just might surprise yourself.
There you have it....another brain fart from Grandpa Mcurk, it yours, do with it what you will...build something!

Kevin............perhaps you should set up some sort of section for tips, how to's, tutoirials & so on to keep all these tid bits from getting buried in forum chatter??????