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    Welcome page and rules

    Stop here, be welcomed to the forum and take a look at the rules.

    3 24 0 Re: Introduce you...
    08/24/13 10:57:23

    General Discussion

    This pretty much needs no description huh?

    21 71 0 I am sorry
    02/26/15 12:36:05

    1:1 Reference and Discussion

    Here's where you ask questions about, post reference pics and just discuss your favorite real rides

    3 46 0 Re: Petty Charger...
    Tony and Rusty
    10/04/13 12:45:34

    Kit reviews

    If you just got a kit, old or new and wish to pass your opinions of it, put it here. Just please note in the title if it's new or retro. :)

    2 8 0 Re: Resin Wing Kit
    Grandpa McGurk
    06/15/13 02:32:10

    REEL ROLL Models

    If it's a Movie or TV car, here's the forum to discuss it and get info about it.

    1 3 0 Re: "Drive Angry"
    04/18/13 11:12:27

    MAGNUMMODELS Members forum





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    The Showroom

    Finished projects go here in the showroom. Feel free to add glitz, glamour, special lighting, mirrors...

    18 61 0 '69 Charger
    10/20/14 05:53:17


    Here's the racetrack boys! Bring all your MOPAR race machines here!

    1 4 0 Re: HEMIROID
    Custom Mike
    04/04/13 15:02:51


    Whatever the scale, if it's a Movie or TV car, build it here!

    0 0 0

    MAGNUM's Truck Stop

    Put your finished builds of those Ram tough's right here.

    0 0 0

    16th street and more.

    Those big 16th scale models go here along with anything bigger.

    4 101 0 Re: 1/16th scale ...
    09/16/13 09:48:49

    18th street

    Built diecast or kit, more bigguns here!

    0 0 0

    24th street

    Here's your place for 1/24th scale builds

    1 22 0 1970 Plymouth Roa...
    04/12/13 15:34:14

    25th street

    Forum for 1/25th scale MOPAR builds

    2 49 0 Re: Project X/E
    Tony and Rusty
    12/04/13 00:23:25

    32nd street

    Here's your forum for 1/32nd scale builds

    0 0 0

    43rd street

    Here's your forum for 1/43rd scale builds

    1 3 0 Re: NEO Models, 1...
    04/02/13 08:42:02

    50th street

    Here's your forum for 1/50th scale

    0 0 0

    64th street

    Here's your forum for 1/64th (hot wheels size) scale cars

    0 0 0

    Show us the score!

    Score a new or vintage MOPAR kit today? Show your find here.

    1 2 0 Re: What you scor...
    06/03/13 17:39:42

    The Sales Lot

    Sell your "I won't ever build this" models here.

    2 4 0 Re: Two diecast s...
    06/26/13 16:39:49

    The Salvage Yard

    This is your trading post. If you have pieces, parts or just a decal sheet to trade or sell here's your forum. Complete models go in the sales lot.

    1 7 0 Re: Emergency nee...
    Tony and Rusty
    10/17/13 06:10:30


    Questions and answers for all your modeling conundrums

    4 8 0 Re: Stuck on a fi...
    08/25/13 14:07:00

    Graphics Garage paintshop

    Everything to do with decals. Tips, tech and trials and tribulations!

    0 0 0

    Highway Billboards

    If you are a resin Caster, decal Maker or Photo-etch artist, Tell us about yourself here.

    1 1 0 Diecast Deluxe
    06/12/13 06:42:55

    New Category





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    Tips, Techs, and Tutorials.

    Got a good tip to share? How bout a technical issue or a tutorial to share. Post them here.

    1 1 0 Re: This first ti...
    04/02/13 08:56:55

    Tom Daniels Tribute forums

    Not just Tom but ALL the greats! If it's a non brand custom, build them here.

    2 9 0 Re: The Bathtub b...
    06/04/13 17:26:40

    On the trailer

    For those of you who have a cycle, waverunner or boat...or just anything towed by your MOPAR!

    2 2 0 This is the only ...
    04/29/13 12:27:45
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